Wildlife abounds in the pacific lowland dry forest, where Mal Pais is situated. The variety of wildlife in the area is amazing. Guests at Casa Marbella are sometimes surprised at what they can see right from the comfort of the hotel. At Casa Marbella it is not uncommon to see animals such as Howler monkeys, Green Iguanas, Anteaters, Green Parrots, butterflies and Toucans. At certain times of the year migrating whales such as Humpbacks and Blues can be seen breeching just off the coast.

For you bird watchers out there, up to 21 different species have spotted in a period of 2 hours from one of the balconies off the hotel. Some of the birds commonly sighted are the Magpie Jay, Lineated Woodpecker, humming birds, Collared Aracari and Green Parrots.

If you decide to hire a boat, you can expect to see dolphins, sea turtles such as the Olive Ridley, Hawksbill and Green. And if you are lucky, curious whales will sometimes breech close to the boat and let you check them out at close range.

Cabo Blanco National Park is located just 10 minutes from Casa Marbella. An early morning walk down the trail is the way to go if you want a chance to see Agouti, Peccary, deer, Howler and Whiteface monkeys and on occation bobcats and ocelots. So, if you’re looking for wildlife, the potential is there.



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