Surf Yoga Massage Packages

Holistic Package

  • 1 hour massage on our beautiful  ocean view yoga deck
  • Private yoga session
  • Fruit plate following massage or yoga class $110

Holistic Package for Two

  • 1 hour couples massage on our beautiful ocean view yoga deck
  • Private yoga session for two people
  • Fruit plate for  two following massage or yoga $170

Honeymooner Package

  • 1 hour couples massage on our beautiful ocean view yoga deck
  • Choice of one activity/tour for 2 people (zipline tour, sailing trip, surf lesson)
  • Fruit basket and bottle of champagne or wine upon arrival $240

Adventure Package

  • Zipline tour (transport not included)
  • Surf lesson
  • 1 hour massage
  • Casa MarBella T-shirt/tank top/ or cover up $170-1 person $320-2 persons

Paddleboarding Packages

  • Now offering Paddleboarding Packages. Please click here for more information.
  • Freedom Riding..
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Surf Yoga Massage Packages