Shuttle Services/Bus

Shuttle Service

There are daily shuttles that leave from San Jose hotels around 8AM each morning.  These shuttles are approximately $45-55 per person and they will bring you directly to the hotel.  The drive time is a bit longer than when renting a car because you will be sharing the shuttle with several others and they must pick up and drop off at several hotels.  There is also an option to hire a private shuttle that can pick up based on your schedule. Prices vary. We also have a private taxi driver that offers this service from Liberia or San Jose for $350 including the ferry costs.


A direct bus leaves daily from San Jose (downtown San Jose) and Santa Teresa at 6AM and 2PM.  The cost is approximately $15 per person for this 6 hour ride.  For more info. call 2642 0219.

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Shuttle Services/Bus