This is the fastest and easiest of your options.  The flight from San Jose to Tambor via Sansa or Nature Air is about 25 minutes.  We can then arrange a taxi to pick you up in Tambor and bring you to the hotel.  The 50 minute taxi ride is $55, which is paid directly to the driver.  To check flight times and availability:

Sansa (directly next door to the Juan Santamaria International airport.  Must be at terminal a minimum of 30 minutes before flight.)

***Casa Marbella guests are eligible for discounted flights through our partnership with  Sansa Airlines. 10% Discounts are offered December 1st through  April 30th. To receive this discount when booking, please search for the flight that you would like via the website above and then email Sansa directly at to make the reservation under the Casa MarBella partnership.  Include the number of travelers, dates and flight times,  arrival and destination locations (ie San Jose and/or Tambor) and that you would like the Casa MarBella Tarifas Hoteleras.  Children 2-11 years of age, receive additional discounted pricing.

Nature Air (from Juan Santamaria International airport. Shuttle bus required.  Must be at terminal a minimum of 1 hour before flight.) –



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