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a half court offense that frustrated Greeley West. "Their bench is deeper than ours, and they exposed our weakness, which is the half wholesale handbags court offense," said West coach Tory Hanson, whose Class 5A Spartans are 1 1. Against the Wizards, the Spartans ran a sloppy half court offense, and had little defense for Windsor’s version of pounding the ball inside to Lucas Watts and 6 5 junior Dalton Walker. "We played alright in the first half, but we couldn’t get out and run in the second half," said Greeley West junior Austin Miller (16 points). "We had some bad possessions that were back to back and they took advantage of it." Greeley West’s "bad possessions" started cheap gucci shoes with less than two minutes left in the half when Walker went to the basket on three straight possessions, scoring six points. After Miller drained two free cheap wholesale gucci throws for the Spartans, Walker matched him to give the Wizards a one point advantage at the half. Windsor then went on a 24 5 run that included 3 pointers from opposite
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