The Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area boasts some of the best quality and consistent waves in the world. Swells hit this area year-round and because of the quantity of waves, it is not unusual to find your own private peak.

… When you decide to visit, chances are that you will get fun, if not classic, surf. From point breaks to beach breaks, there is a wave suitable for every level of surfer. The most consistent breaks are found at Playa Carmen, located directly in front of Casa Marbella, and Playa Santa Teresa, a five-minute drive to the north. Carmen breaks best at higher tide and Santa Teresa breaks best at a lower tide. On most days, one of the two beaches will provide surf with glassy conditions and that does not include the nearby point breaks. This area is so unique because on any given day it is possible to log more quality surfing hours compared to any other place in Costa Rica.

Surf lessons available at Casa MarBella.  Lessons include 1 1/2 hours of instruction time, board, leash, and rashguard.  Variety of surfboards available for rent from $10-15 per day.  Boogie boards-$5 to $7 per day.

$60 private lesson

$50 per person for 2 people

$45 per person for 3 or more


For those fishermen or those who would like to experience great fishing, a fishing tour in Mal Pais is worthwhile. Pelagic fish are often found close to shore, as the sea bottom drops within a few nautical miles to over 1,000 meters deep.

… The most common fish one can expect to catch are mahi-mahi, yellow-fin tuna, rooster fish, spanish mackerel, and rainbow runners. If you decide to bring your own equipment and want a break from trolling, the beaches offer many opportunities to catch other varieties of fish such as snook. Numerous rock outcroppings jut out from the beach that provide many nooks and crannies which are excellent for fishing. You will find world-class fishing at an economical price compared to many places around the world!

Horseback Riding

Enjoy the beaches and wildlife on the back of a horse. The tour guide will show you tracks, you would never discover alone.

Horseback riding in Santa Teresa can be an unforgettable experience. There are mainly two types of tours that most people opt for. One option is to be picked up and dropped off at Casa Marbella by your professional guide. The ride starts on back roads then to trails and ends up on the beach. Most people go for the sunset tour. The other option is to leave from Cabo Blanco Reserve in Mal Pais via Star Mountain Jungle Lodge. This tour takes you through the jungle and affords unique views. Then you will end the ride on the beach. Each tour is approximately 2 hours.  The cost is $40 person.

Cabo Blanco Reserve

Cabo Blanco is a national park located just ten minutes from Casa Marbella. It protects an extremely important mix of evergreen and deciduous tropical forest and is the home to many rare and threatened wildlife species including the curassow, crested iguana, brocket deer, and jaguars. Other commonly seen species are white faced and howler monkeys, red squirrels, raccoons, kinkajous, and an abundance of birds. It is recommended that you hike the trails early in the morning to have the best chances of spotting the wildlife.

Curu Wildlife Refuge

Curu is another ecological gem offering excellent bird and wildlife watching opportunities. It has a good network of trails, sand beaches fringed by palm trees, rocky headlands, and tide pools. This park offers daily admission or visitors can stay the night in a cabin and wake up in the jungle.

Isla Tortuga

Tortuga is a tiny tropical island in the Gulf of Nicoya. It offers extremely beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife, and great snorkeling. If you can imagine Gilligan’s Island, you can imagine Isla Tortuga. Snorkeling tours to the island leave from Montezuma or the Curu Wildlife Refuge. Prices from Curu are around $40US per person and include all gear. If you leave from Montezuma, prices are about $55US per person including gear and lunch


For those of you looking for an abundance of night life…Mal Pais probably wouldn’t be your first choice. However,there are three main bars in town that can and do get crowded on certain nights. Each place has a unique ambiance and great for people watching: Banana Beach Restauant/Splash located directly on the beach serves great sunset cocktails with entertainment nightly ranging from a DJ, Live Music or Fire Shows. A good bet for salsa and latin music is the Bar La Lora. This is usually a late night spot. Nativo is a sports bar located in the center of town and is known for their tasty bar food. They have big screen tv’s  and will show most international sporting events as well as surf videos.  The vibe here is mellow and the setting is great for people watching. Wherever you decide to go, be on the lookout for famous supermodels and celebrities who often appear for a wild night of dancing on tables and fresh music. Gweneth Paltrow, Leonardo DeCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Mel Gibson, Matt Damon, or Gisele Bundchen, among others, have all been spotted blowing off steam in the area.

SUP rentals and lessons

SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) has quickly gained popularity over the last few years. So much so that it has become the fastest growing sport in America. Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned vet, Freedom Riding SUP shop in Mal Pais (2640-0521) has what you need. They offer rentals ($35/board per day and a variety to choose from), lessons and tours ($50/pp). Weekly and group rates available. All levels welcome.




Guests can enjoy practicing yoga in a naturally pristine environment from our spacious open air deck. From this vantage point you can take in the immense blue of the Pacific Ocean and hear it’s waves as you are nestled in the green tree tops. A nice ocean breeze hits there almost daily, making for an even more enjoyable yoga experience.

Private classes are available. All lessons are taught by accredited yoga professionals. Classes last about an hour and rates are $45 for 1 or 2 people, $5 for each additional person.

There are also guest yoga mats available for those who wish to do self practice. In addition to Casa Marbella, there are numerous yoga classes available for every level in Santa Teresa as well as Pilates classes with mat or apparatus.





There are two different tour companies in our area that offer zip-lining. One is located in Mal Pais, 10 minutes from Casa Marbella. It is situated on a 65 acre ranch on the edge of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. It offers one mile of cables between 9 platforms that are set high in gigantic trees. The longest zip-line is 500 meters. Visitors can expect to have thrilling views of the ocean and jungle from many different perspectives. Prices are $45/pp, and with transport $50/pp.

The other company is located in the nearby town of Montezuma, which is about 30 minutes from Casa Marbella. It has 11 platforms, some of which pass over the famous Montezuma River. The views are spectactular and tourist get a chance to swim in the refreshing and world famous Montezuma waterfalls. Cost is $45/pp, with transport is an extra $20/pp. The tour takes about 2 hours to complete.

Butterfly Garden

Come and witness the life cycle of the butterfly from mating to metamorphosis. These gardens will delight you with spectacular specimens, including the famed Blue Morpho. Meander through the arboretum. Perhaps you will cross paths with a monkey, iguana or coati. Gardens are open daily from 8 am – 4 pm. Cost is $8/pp.

ATV/ Quads

Renting an ATV (all terrain vehicle) is a great way to explore Santa Teresa as well as other nearby towns and beaches. The fact that they are easy to drive and maneuver on these narrow and dusty roads makes the ATV the most popular form of transportation in the area.

Rates: 250cc is $50 for 7 hours, $60 for 24 hours.

420cc is $60 for 7 hours, $70 for 24 hours. Price breaks offered for multiple day rentals.


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since I was a little girl. Women today play so many roles. We are creative beings with Big Ideas, Dreams, and Goals. We take care of our spouse or life partner, children, aging parents. We run large and small businesses. We are active in our communities. We are the that keeps everyone and everything together. (I went to visit my Mom and sister for a few days and before I departed, I handed my husband Greg a 3 page single spaced document of what needed to be done over the course of 5 days to keep the family running smoothly!) Women today need to create the time and space to think about what truly holds value for them. They need to know, commit, and practice these values. If you need some support in identifying your own values, I included some ideas for you below: 1. Self care Do you take time to value and honor yourself? Spa days, lunch with nutritious friends know, gals who champion you and make you laugh. Quiet time just for you to journal, meditate, take a walk or exercise? This is typically the last thing women

The Essential Stuff to Have in Your Truck Thinking about doing some off roading? There’s a lot more to it than just jumping in your 4WD and pointing your headlights toward the dunes. You’ve got to have essential gear on
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tutti i militari in servizio per primi con il piano casa, quello delle meraviglie dei 51.000 nuovi alloggi e dei 5 miliardi di euro, vessato migliaia di inquilini e snaturato la Legge 244 in cui tutti credevamo. A quella delibera, che il Piano certamente non approvava, non si è mai data risposta. Così come non si è data risposta alla Corte dei Conti, al Consiglio di Stato, a CASADIRITTO che giorno per giorno, per lunghi due anni lo ha contrastato, a volte in perfetta solitudine. CASADIRITTO si permette di osservare che per lunghi periodi è rimasto solo con i militari in servizio e in pensione, e le loro famiglie a cercare di fermare quel testo, da una parte meraviglioso (quello inesistente) e da una parte pieno di conseguenze non piacevoli (quello reale). Il mutuo casa era stato e realizzato per Legge anche su proposta di CASADIRITTO ma in tantissimi anni sono riusciti a non far nulla, malgrado i soldi ci fossero. Malgrado ciò non siamo riusciti a smantellare, anche con importanti

Should Brian Mitchell be in the Hall of Fame Gather a whole bunch of football fans into a room and start the conversation about who should and should not be in the Hall of Fame and fireworks are bound to ensue. There are the obvious candidates, mainly wide receivers. Tim Brown should have been a 1st ballot Hall of Famer, Henry Ellard, Derrick Mason, etc. There is positively no reason for these players not being in the Hall of Fame and everyone and their mothers know it, but the majority of us also know, due to all the passing that has been going on in the modern era of the NFL, the backlog of deserving receivers is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It’s simple
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a manufacturer can control the price at which retailers sell its product. "The
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The Side Effects of the Vitamin D 1 Your doctor may prescribe vitamin D 1.25 mg soft gels for you if you have trouble absorbing calcium normally. This may occur because of medical conditions such as osteoporosis or advanced age, among others. This type of vitamin D, known also as ergocalciferol" or vitamin D2, delivered in this high does generally would be taken only once per week. It equals approximately 50,000 IU. The normal daily dose for adults, the Linus Pauling Institute states, is 600 IU. This happens in soft tissues such as your
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the Associated Press reported. Revlon founder Charles Revson once said: our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sellhope. Following in his footsteps, Ennis told : really important with marketing is to have a message, a communication that means something to the consumer. : I wanted to ask you first about your leadership style. There are two aspects. One, you come from the finance area. You been an accountant and yet here you are the head of a cosmetics company [in charge of] the creative side and all the rest of it. That seems a bit of an anomaly. Also I can help noticing that you a male in what is very much a woman product line. So, could you tell us about your leadership style, taking those two things into account? Alan Ennis: First of all, putting aside my gender, industry and background, my leadership style is pretty straightforward. That is probably not typical of a CEO. It is founded on a very basic principle, which is
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The Soccer Jersey Brand Sochaux does the job Sochaux will not be the second club of the elite to give in to this season Paris FC Cup in France. After having won in Toulouse in the previous round (2 1), residents of the National eventually stall at Stade
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Wholesale NBA jerseys Milk helps avoid the chronic irritation of the stomach lining that develops after long term use of NSAID pain relievers. Taking a few swallows of milk before you swallow pills prevents the medicines from sticking in your throat. Irritating NSAIDs cause ulcers of the esophagus and small intestine as well as stomach ulcers. Follow the medicine with an 8 oz. glass of water or milk, and don’t lie down until you’re sure the pills have entered your stomach. Healthy Diet Drinking milk could contribute to your healthier lifestyle if you’re at risk for developing ulcers and wish to take preventive action. Both coffee and soft drinks increase stomach acid, so if you occasionally substitute milk for these troublesome beverages, you naturally decrease acid problems. Other natural remedies include high fiber foods and foods such as apples, celery and garlic that aid in healing ulcers. Tea also contains the flavinoids responsible for the healing effect. Flavinoids slow the growth of the H. Friendly bacteria, or probiotics,

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if a recipient desires a different style. And these BTE hearing aids are also available in special models that have more power for the people with more profound hearing loss. Hearing Loss In Workplace I usually recommend you wear the hearing aids for a few hours the
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How to Help an O Blood Type Lose Weight The food choices to help someone with type O blood lose weight is described in the book, "Eat Right For Your Type," by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopath. D’Adamo continued the work of his father, naturopathic doctor James D’Adamo, who noticed some diets worked better than others with his patients. Peter studied the agglutination process occurring between certain foods and specific blood types and believes it is caused by the way the blood types evolved. He proposes that the earliest human blood type was type O. Losing Weight with Type O Blood Look up your blood type to make sure you are O, or if you have never had your blood typed, go to your local hospital or clinic for a
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Top 10 Football Helmets The helmet may be the most important piece of equipment a football player dons before practice or a game. Protecting the head from violent collision or cushioning it from contacting the ground when tackled is paramount in reducing or preventing skull, brain or facial injuries. According to the standards, "Any structural changes or other changes that take place during impact testing which result in un restorable, loosening of the fit shall be cause for failure," as with any helmets that score higher than 1,200 on the severity index established by NOCSAE. Xenith X1 The Xenith X1 is a next generation concussion prevention technology. Released in fall 2008, the X1 has an air cushioned interior with 18 inflatable discs. According to an article in "Wired" magazine, the discs "pancake" on contact to absorb energy from a hit and re inflate to move with the head. A built in drawstring tightens the helmet’s bonnet for a snug fit. Riddell Revolution

have been saved. When my uncle was first admitted, the hospital told us that an Ebola test would take three to seven days. Miraculously, the deputy who was feared to have Ebola just last week was tested and had results within 24 hours. The fact is, nine days passed between my uncle’s first ER visit and the day the hospital asked our consent to give him an experimental drug but despite the hospital’s request they were never able to access these drugs for my uncle. (Editor’s note: Hospital officials have said they started giving Duncan the drug Brincidofovir on October 4.) He died alone. His only medication was a saline drip. For our family, the most humiliating part of this ordeal was the treatment we received from the hospital. For the 10 days he was in the hospital, they not only refused to help us communicate with Thomas
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the fear of being discriminated against, or the fear of dying understand for yourself, which fear in you is present. On a piece of paper, write down your fear. Second, identify the feeling. Let yourself feel your fear of having cancer, living in squalor, being oppressed, or facing death. What does that fear feel like? Identify the specific feeling. Is it rage, sadness, desperation, hopelessness, bitterness, anxiety, numbness? Write down the specific feeling that lives beneath the fear. Third, trace back the feeling. Allow yourself to recall three other times in your life when you felt that same feeling before. Trust whatever memories from your past come to the surface first. Sometimes the incidents you recall will have little in common with the current fear, but trust that the feeling is somehow related. Write down each of the experiences and recall exactly how you felt. Notice how these three incidents from the past and are somehow emotionally connected to the fear you experiencing now

Personal Prisons in Henry Roth TMs Call it Sleep America is known as the land of the free. An almost magical country where opportunity is in abundance. One can come over a Nobody and end their life a Somebody. Yet this is not the picture to be found in Henry Roth TMs novel, Call it Sleep. In his narrative, Roth paints a bleak portrait of America and those living in it. His main characters, Albert, Genya, and David Schearl, though living in this supposed land of the free, are in fact prisoners. Each one of them is tied to a past or a situation
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