The Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area boasts some of the best quality and consistent waves in the world. Swells hit this area year-round and because of the quantity of waves, it is not unusual to find your own private peak.

… When you decide to visit, chances are that you will get fun, if not classic, surf. From point breaks to beach breaks, there is a wave suitable for every level of surfer. The most consistent breaks are found at Playa Carmen, located directly in front of Casa Marbella, and Playa Santa Teresa, a five-minute drive to the north. Carmen breaks best at higher tide and Santa Teresa breaks best at a lower tide. On most days, one of the two beaches will provide surf with glassy conditions and that does not include the nearby point breaks. This area is so unique because on any given day it is possible to log more quality surfing hours compared to any other place in Costa Rica.

Surf lessons available at Casa MarBella.  Lessons include 1 1/2 hours of instruction time, board, leash, and rashguard.  Variety of surfboards available for rent from $10-15 per day.  Boogie boards-$5 to $7 per day.

$60 private lesson

$50 per person for 2 people

$45 per person for 3 or more